The art of storytelling can increase the effectiveness of corporate communication

Imagine you’re an analytics manager at a large organization who has been asked to present industry and marketing insights at the C-suite’s annual strategy meeting. You’re thrilled to have the opportunity to become a trusted adviser, but you’re unclear how to design the presentation given such limited direction. …

Quantum mechanics, computing and cryptography has gained popularity due to the seemingly odd physics that governs the fundamental particles of the world. This has led to a sustained, incremental increase in popularity of ‘quantum’ based topics worldwide.

Searches for quantum computing on Google over time
Source: Google Trends 2019

However, this increased popularity has led to a dis-proportional increase in click bait…

Global expansion is one of the growth tactics that every business will examine at one point. But before you tie up your capital or dedicate resources to an international expansion project you should have concrete answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there an idiosyncratic fit?

This is a great starting…

Rich Mazzola

Space nerd. Looking to translate complex systems into digestible ideas. Storytelling is underrated. Would prefer to be outside.

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